Brilliant Compensation


Brilliant Compensation (English)


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What The Wealthy Buy On Payday




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  • Sheila Baker:

    I like the new structure of your website. I am fortunate to be learning from a real “pro”.

  • Chetan:

    Tim Sales ….man you are a master … thanks to you

  • Wow! What a great review by recommendation of my successful Platinum Presidential Upline with Mannatech! It has been years since I saw this and there is sooo much good information to be learned from rewatching this video. Thank You Tim Sales for your honesty, time and dedication to supporting the Network Marketing (NWM) Industry. It truly is a vehicle to “Brilliant Compensation” and I mean that in more ways than Financial Income — Personal Growth, Friendships, Giving Back to Society, Helping others in Personal Growth, Time Freedom and last , but not least, in my NWM company, GREAT HEALTH to boot and SHARE with others! Thanks again for the reassurance of such a strong foundation! Have an awesome and Blessed Day!

  • Thanks Dennis this is Dynamite..

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